Cummings Construction   Joint government/commercial facility using the Cummings theorems to "see" into the subterranean in search of advantage and valuables          
DASSL Dynamically Assigned Spread Spectrum Language   Radio aware coding technique used in the Dazzle Plate  
Dazzle Plate   Media consumption device using malleable mono-screen filaments          
Dominato   The people of the Arkane          
Dura   The life essence of the supernatural          
EDG Effective Delta Geometry   The energy output characteristics of the Cummings Construction          
Emitter Pylon   The multi-story subterranean distribution antenna of the Cummings Construction          
Festoon Pier   Ancient landing platform of the Old Days          
Flying   Slang term for the operation mental state of the Cummings Construction naval technicians          
Griis   The life essence of humans          
Hadap Hollum   Roughly translated, "Predator's Creed". Sacred book and stratgy of Solstitium          
Heptol   Melange of snake venom used to make Impedimine          
HYDATS Hyper Dense Addressable Template Storage   Custom code strategy templates used by all Table Tong players  
Impedimine   Neural agile drug used by Cummings Construction techs to counteract the Bends of "Flying"          
MSV Moses Stone Vault   Container wrapped around the Moses Stone and used to it transport through space/time          
Nagoseia   Buffer between the realm of the Dominato and the land of the Corporate          
nMeia Fabrique SA   Multi-national pharma-tech conglomerate          
Pharmed   The practice of layering drug therapy to enhance biological performance          
Puncture/Tear   A supernatural intrusion into the natural caused by an ancient cataclysm          
Reprosin   A chemical brain stem blanket used to temper the effcets of Heptol in Impedimine          
SART Sampling Array Remote Transponder   The far end receiver of the Cummings Construction's emmisions  
Servo   Customizable personal communications device          
Slip   Gradient path from the natural world to the Corporate Realm          
Solstitium   Latin venacular translated, "Seasons". Multi-generational group dedicated to reshaping the world          
Table Tong   A group of three players in the virtual world of gamers          
The Bite   Slang for the hijacked Impedimine formula used by Table Tongs to enhance playing edge          
The Corporate   The supernatural realm opposed to the Dominato          
The District   The land of the Dominato          
The Keep   The stronghold of the Dominato          
Triple Ts   Table Tong competition venues          
TTC Triad Terminal Cluster   Missile silo style playing couches used by Table Tongs in the Table Tong Tourney parlors