Otto Soren 

  • Founder and CEO of Nova House
  • Danchenko sponsor to the US Government
  • Sees commercial value of the Moses Stone

Peter-Marc Vogel 

  • Creative executive for Nova House
  • Estranged husband of Sonny Soren
  • Nova House liaison to the Danchenkos

Sanchristo “Sacs” Leonelli 

  • Genius from Brooklyn/friend of Izzy
  • Free lance employee of Nova House
  • Inventor/developer of the Dazzle Plate

Sandra “Sonny” Soren 

  • Daughter of Otto Soren
  • Geneticist for nMeia Fabrique
  • Estranged wife of Peter-Marc Vogel

Paul Stefano 

  • Commander of the Cummings Construction
  • Reluctant facilitator of the Danchenkos
  • Manager of the SARS firing solutions

Isaiah “Izzy” Pollenaire 

  • Genius from Jamaica/friend of Sacs
  • Free lance employee of Nova House
  • Inventor/developer of the C.A.T.

The Arkane 

  • Hidden supernatural foil to Ashe
  • High operative for the Dominato
  • Covert


  • Freelance “consultant” to the College
  • Supernatural natural
  • Overt

Sarah “Soldier” Gustafson 

  • Farm girl from Kansas
  • Member of Obsidian Marble Tong
  • A rare Triple T natural

Dr. Emile Danchenko 

  • Scientist seeker of the Moses Stone
  • Considered a crank by the scientific community
  • Pawn in the great game

Dr. Irina Danchenko 

  • Daughter of Emile Danchenko
  • Research assistant to her father
  • Bitter defender of her father’s work

Jiggles Molina 

  • Member of Obsidian Marble Tong
  • Impedimine addict
  • Internet Community orphan

Michael Odum 

  • Former Jesuit Priest
  • Leading member of the College
  • Watcher of Solstitium


Bernard Jefferson “BJ” Poe 

  • Senior US Senator from North Dakota
  • Danchenko sponsor to the Cummings Construction
  • Secret member of Solstitium



  • Leader of Obsidian Marble Tong
  • Reluctant user of Impedimine
  • Kansas City Tourney is his last