The idea behind the Story Stack certainly isn't unique to me. How many writers wake up one day, tune into their body of life long output and said, "Hey, I've seen this someplace before."

Why does this happen sometimes? Hard to say. A subconscious scratching away at some common vein in the writer's imagination, his shared experiences, his breakfast diet? I'm open to any of that simply because I can't prove any of it. It's just there, like a weather phenomenon and just as hard to predict. It works for me.

Although not the first in the stack, Solstitium (Latin: roughly translated "Seasons") is the first one to pop out of the publishing pack. It's a collection of three volumes centered around finding and exploiting an object called the Moses Stone. What it is, where it came from, who wants it and who doesn't want anyone to have it. That's all the motivations needed to launch this collection into the ether and straight at you.

I've folded in a few reference tools to ease your way. A sampling of the People in the story, the Places they go, the Things that surround them, the Terms they know and the Time they live.

Volume One?

The Whisperers